Our produce

Castleton Farm is one of the most northerly leading soft fruit growers in Scotland and we strive to grow premium, high quality fruit each season which spans April to November.

All of our fruit is grown under poly tunnels. Poly tunnels reduce the risk to our crop from the weather and allow us to lengthen the season from the traditional 6 weeks mid summer to 8 months of the year.



A prime location

We use our geographical location to our advantage:

  • The long daylight hours and temperate climate are ideal for producing high quality sweet strawberries.
  • We produce our raspberries between the English peaks of their floricane and primocane crops.
  • We aim to harvest our blueberries later than anywhere in the northern hemisphere, extending the UK season.
  • Our northerly location allows us to replicate this with our cherry crop and we believe that we are one of only a few farms in the world picking fresh cherries in September.


Our strawberry season has dramitically grown in length from the traditional 6 weeks mid summer, to harvesting from April until November.  Our biomass boiler heats 2 hectares of polytunnels to increase the harvest at each end of the season.   We now grow 120 acres of strawberries, with majority of which are planted directly in the ground.  We have 25 acres of the table tops which are grown in a substrate called Coir.   The main variety that we grown is Sonata due to its sweet flavour, fantastic shape and the percentage of Class 1’s they produce.  The other varieties we grow include Amesti, Flair and Driscolls Amado.   Please see the Strawberry Journey for more information.


We have been growing raspberries at Castleton since 2002.  Our season spans from the middle of June until the end of October.  We grow five main varieties Maravilla, Margarita, Cardinal, Riviera and Glen Dee.


We have been growing blueberries since 2006 and now grow 80 acres. As far as we are aware we are the most northerly commercial blueberry grower in the world! Our season spans from late July until the beginning of November. Our northerly location allows us to produce fruit when the rest of the northern hemisphere has finished their season and before the southern hemisphere begins. We believe that the blueberries produced in Scotland are fantastic.  They are plump, delicious and very moreish! Frost Protection A late frost on the 5th May 2012 caused us to lose half of our blueberry crop that season. We have since invested in a frost protection system. This sprinkles water onto the plants during the frost and freezes the plants. This latent heat exchange protects the flowers from being frosted.


We planted our first cherry trees in 2010, which we believe to be the first commercial orchard in Scotland.  Our northerly location allows us to extend the UK fresh cherry offering.   We now grow 20 acres of 6 different varieties.  Our season begins at the end of July and lasts  – 8 weeks.


We have frozen berries available all year round and freeze straight from the field


We have Class 1 Raspberries and Blueberries and Class 2 Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Cherries which are ideal for manufacturing.


We also have fruit pulp available.

Please contact us for further information.